Black Rook in Rainy Weather: November 25

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

It is only the second day, and we are already on one of the shortest – but possibly most difficult – readings in our journey. If you are not in the habit of reading poetry, this one might be a struggle. Still, spend some time with it and give it some thought. Sylvia Plath has a very unique way of encouraging us to be still enough to notice the small miracles that are tucked into otherwise mundane moments.

• Luke 2:6-7
• Watch for the Light, pp. 13-15

1. Have you ever found yourself praying that God would send a clear sign to interrupt your routine and let you know He is there? If so, what kind of sign did you look for or expect?
2. When do you have enough stillness and quiet in your life to allow something as simple as a rain-soaked blackbird (or an infant in a feeding trough) “seize [your] senses, haul [your] eyelids up, and grant a brief respite from fear of total neutrality?”
3. If you do not normally have this kind of quiet time for waiting and listening to God, what can you do to create that kind stillness during this Advent season?

God used a teenage girl and some dirty shepherds in an unimportant hick town to reveal his greatest gift to the world. Ask him to help you see the small things He continues to do to remind you of His presence and power in your life while you are waiting for the return of the King.


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