Love Alone – January 6

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

With only two days left in our Advent and Christmas devotional readings, today is the shortest entry in the entire book. What it lacks in length, though, it makes up for by focusing immediately on the incomparable love of God shown to us in the birth of Christ, as well as in the final salvation we will experience when our King returns to reign forever.


  • Matthew 5:3
  • Watch for the Light, 307



  1. Jesus was born to be a King who would hold no scepter and wear no crown on this earth. He lived as a King unlike any other king. How can we live in such a way to show that we as Christians below to this unique King and his Kingdom?
  2. Menotti’s poem (and Jesus himself in Matthew 5:3) said that his Kingdom belongs to the poor, yet we live as some a wealthy people in this world. How does the story of Jesus’ birth help you understand what it means to be spiritually poor when you approach God?


“On love, on love alone He would build his kingdom.”

Let your prayer today be a simple request that God would allow your life to be marked by the kind of love that only He can give. Pray that you would believe, understand, and rest in his love. Pray that his love would grow in you so that your interactions with others would clearly show the transformation that God has been working in your life through your faith in Jesus.


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