The Wise Men – January 3

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

How much do you have in common with a poor, rural worker from Nicaragua living in the 1970s? For most of us, the answer is not much at all. So would you be surprised to find that the story of Jesus’ birth sounds much different to someone in that situation than it does to you? Hopefully not. To prove the point, today’s reading presents a conversation between a small group of Nicaraguans in the 1970s, discussing how the story of the wise men’s visit to see Jesus seemed intriguing and perplexing. Notice how the setting they live in colors their interpretation of the Scriptures, then consider how the time and setting of your life might color the way you understand the Bible as well.


  • Matthew 2:1-12
  • Watch for the Light, 287-296


  1. How did the characters in this dialogue understand what was most important in the Christmas story differently than you do? Which ideas or details clearly stood out to them that you would not have thought about as much? Why do you think these ideas were important to the people in this dialogue?
  2. Which parts of the Christmas story stand out in your mind as most important? What experiences have you had or what lessons have you learned that might cause you to notice certain parts of the Christmas story more than others?


Praise God for his wisdom and grace in selecting the time and place of your life so that you might know who He is and how He loves and saves us. Pray for faith and understanding to see God’s truth clearly in the pages of Scripture. Finally, pray for our brothers and sisters in other cultures to see Jesus clearly in the Scriptures as well as they celebrate the Christmas season with us.

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