When the Time Was Fulfilled – January 1

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

Happy New Year! It has been a great time these last several weeks working through the Advent and Christmas devotional readings with you, and we pray that you have been blessed with deeper understanding of the Christmas story and some great conversations along the way. We have one week of daily readings and discussions remaining, and today’s is an invitation to reflect on the work God has been doing specifically in your life of faith.


  • Luke 2:5-6
  • Watch for the Light, 280-284


  1. When have you faced a difficulty that you had to wait an extended period of time to see God bring resolution or healing? How did God’s response to your problem compare to what you expected Him to do?
  2. What has God been doing within you over the past year to grow your faith or understanding? What can you or should you be doing to cooperate with the work God has been doing in you?


To begin this new year, ask God for wisdom to understand what He has been doing and what He desires to do in you to make you more like Jesus in the coming year. Then pray that He would grant you a soft and willing to heart to receive all that He desires within you. Pray also for your immediate family today, that each of you would recognize the Lord’s work and rejoice that He is always leading us, instructing us, and shaping us in love.

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