The Grand Miracle – December 28

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

The Christmas story – the story of God’s own Son descending from heaven to inhabit a human body, being born as a baby – is almost unspeakably miraculous in itself. But we know that the birth of Christ is only the beginning of the divine miracles that marked his life. Ultimately, Jesus laid down his physical life, then raised from the dead, conquering the grave and promising the same death-defying eternal life to all who will believe and obey him. His birth, life, death, resurrection, and ongoing reign in heaven form a single story that reveals to us God’s incredible love and his plan to rescue us from our sin. In today’s reading, CS Lewis describes some of the beauty and wonder of this story, showing how even the birth of Christ helps us begin to understand God’s resurrecting power.


  • John 12:24-26
  • Watch for the Light, 241-246


  1. Take a minute to share your understanding of the Incarnation with your spouse or a good Christian friend. In your own words, how would you explain exactly what Jesus did at Christmas and why it was such an eternally significant event?
  2. What things from your own spiritual life and experience have followed the Resurrection pattern that Lewis described, “where a thing has to be killed, and broken, in order that it may then become bright and strong and splendid” (244)?


Reflect for a moment on Jesus’ words to Andrew and Philip in John 12. Then pray that God would give you insight to understand in which ways He is calling you to die to yourself in order that He might bring about Resurrection and a spiritual harvest. Finally, as some of those things come to your mind, ask the Lord to strengthen your faith to obediently follow Jesus’ example of dying so that you might live eternally.


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