Ox and A** – December 26

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

Merry Christmas again! You didn’t think our time of celebrating the Savior was over, did you? Today is only Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas, so keep going with us all the way through January 7. Today’s reflection is simple, a less-than-romantic description of the stable that was birthplace to Jesus that served as a preview of the unsanitary world Jesus was entering.


  • Zechariah 9:9
  • Watch for the Light, 232-235


  1. Papini writes an unflattering description of mankind’s spiritual state, calling us “wild beasts” who “produce filth and wallow in it” (233-234). This is a stark contrast from today’s popular notion that most people “are basically good at heart.” Which do you think is a more accurate portrayal of the world’s true state? How does the way you view the world change what you believe about the meaning of Jesus’ coming?
  2. What are the material things that people of the world most often bow before today? Which things are the most alluring to your heart, tempting you to worship and serve them even before you pursue Christ?


Begin your prayer today by praising the Lord for boldly entering the filthiest setting in the world, showing even from his first moments with us that He would take the greatest humiliation on himself in order to save us. Then, spend some time asking the Lord to help you see the world and your own heart the way that He sees it. How easily do you give in to idolatrous desires? How deep is the sin that He wants to cleanse within you? How empty are the promises and philosophies of this world?


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