The Holy Mother: December 22

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

With the exception of singing “Mary, Did You Know?” 75 gazillion times every Christmas season (she knows!), we Baptists rarely make a big deal about the mother of Jesus. Yet we can learn much about following and loving Jesus from her example. Today’s reading will encourage you to consider Mary’s experience of both mothering and following Jesus, and how the faith she lived can help us understand what it means to follow him even now.


  • Luke 1:34-38
  • Watch for the Light, 205-213


  1. Perhaps the most well-known words written about Mary are from Luke 2:19: “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Which promises from God’s Word have you treasured deeply, pondering when and how God will fulfill them in your sight? Are there promises in Scripture that you long to see God fulfill in and for your children?
  2. Did Mary truly have a blind faith? (211) What basis would Mary have had for believing the incredible promises she received about Jesus? How is your faith different than Mary’s? What reasons do you have to trust the rich promises of God?
  3. Guardini notes that virtually nothing is known about Jesus’ life from age 12 until age 30 (18 years, p. 207). Yet when it is finally time for Jesus to begin his Messianic ministry, Mary is right beside him continuing in faith. How can Mary’s perseverance in faith serve as an example for us as we are waiting for Christ to be revealed fully and finally to a world that does not understand him?


Look back at question 1 above. Which promises from God’s Word have meant the most to you in your life of faith? Look them up in Scripture again and offer them as prayers to God, confessing your faith that He is faithful in every way. Then praise him for his wisdom and power to fulfill his promises in the best ways for his children.


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