Shipwrecked at the Stable: December 20

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

Here in the middle of the Great Plains, we are about as far from being physically shipwrecked as we can be. Still, when you read today’s entry, you may find yourself relating to this word picture. As you begin this reading, pray for the Lord to show you the true attitude of your own heart this Advent season, and ask that He will fix in you a heart that is prepared for the coming of the Lord.


  • Luke 2:15-20
  • Watch for the Light, 184-200


  1. Throughout this essay, Brennan Manning refers to the “shipwrecked” at the stable. Why do you think he chose that word to describe characters in the Advent story? What would it mean to be one of the “shipwrecked” today? How would you recognize someone in that spiritual condition?
  2. What demands does the world make on you that distract you from worshiping the Lord or meditating on his Word in the Christmas season? What pressures tend to push you away from devoting focused time to him?
  3. “As Christmas approaches, an honest question is: do I want to be or merely appear to be a Christian?” (192) How would you answer that honest question? What is the difference between being and merely appearing to be a genuine Christian?


Confess your spiritual neediness to the Lord today. Ask him to give you a heart attitude that would number you among the “shipwrecked.” Then, take some time to pray by name for close family, friends, church family, and neighbors to experience the grace and satisfaction in Christ that only comes when we see him as our only and eternal hope.


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