The Light of the World: December 18

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

Each Advent season we light a series of candles on a wreath to remind us of the great themes of faith associated with Christ’s birth: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love. The final candle represents Christ himself, the Light of the World. He is the One who rescues us from death and darkness by bringing us into his light. He calls us and brings us to himself, long before we would have the sense to run to him on our own. But he doesn’t stop by calling us into his light. He puts his light in us, and uses us to beckon others to approach him in faith as well.


  • John 1:9-13
  • Watch for the Light, 168-175


  1. Underhill says the Advent proves that God “speaks our language and shows us his secret beauty on our scale” (169). Where have you seen God reveal his truth, glory, or beauty to you through mundane moments or events?
  2. Do you tend to think you need to fix yourself up or set things right before you approach God in earnest? How does the humble nature of Jesus’ entrance to the world help you understand God’s approach to us?
  3. In its simplest sense, the word “Gentile” means anyone who is not a Jew. To the people of Israel, though, it was a label for people perceived to be outside of God’s people or God’s favor. Who are the “Gentiles” of today’s world, the peoples that even religious people tend to overlook, dismiss, despise, or forget? Who has God brought to your attention, so that perhaps you might bring the light of Christ to them?
  4. Who has shone you the beauty or love of Christ, even if they were completely unaware that you had noticed them? Do you know how God has used your light and faith to show Christ to someone who was looking for light?


Praise the Lord for meeting us in the small, the normal, and the unremarkable. What a great God we have who stoops to meet us, rather than demanding that we rise to him! Pray for a steadfast faith that will trust Christ to accomplish his work in and through you, especially in the mundane times where it feels as if little is happening. Praise the Lord because he loves the unlovely and the undistinguished. Pray that God would open your eyes and heart to see those who are far from him, that He might use your simple life to bring Christ to those in darkness.


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