Christmas Joy: December 12

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

“How could God hate us, when He gives
us what He, past all measures, loves?”

With these words, Emmy Arnold points directly to the greatest reason that Advent is a season of joy. The arrival of Jesus on earth is irrefutable proof that God loves us with a love that is beyond our understanding. God’s love for you is an undeniable reality. When that truth takes root in your soul, you cannot escape the joy that comes from being reminded that because a Savior was born, your eternity is secure with the Lord.


  • Luke 2:8-11
  • Watch for the Light, 127-131


  1. Describe some of your most joyful Christmas memories. What is it that makes those memories stand out to you as wonderful and joyous?
  2. Which parts of the Christmas story excited you or fill you with awe when you were younger? Which parts of the Christmas story still inspire you or bring you joy today?
  3. If you could carry one special aspect of the Christmas season with you all year without experiencing any decrease, what would you choose? Joy? Peace? Eager anticipation?
  4. As a child, many of us experienced a deep joy at Christmas connected to the anticipation of a great celebration (even if we thought we were just celebrating presents). As adults. our faith teaches us to look forward with joy and anticipation to Christ’s return, the second Advent. When you think of the second coming of Christ, what fills you with excitement and eager anticipation?


Today, pray from joy to joy. Beginning by remembering the joy you have experienced associated with Christmas in the past. Thank God for these things, and praise him for the bright hope we have because He sent us his Son, the ultimate gift to prove his love. Then, reflect on our hope that Jesus is coming again to save those who are eagerly waiting for him, and rejoice that God’s promise is certain. We will see our King soon, and we will be with forever.


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