The Original Revolution: December 11

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

Today’s reading will challenge you to think about exactly what the gospel, the Good News of Jesus’ coming and Kingdom, really is. Some today suggest that the message of the gospel should be mostly about erasing poverty and injustice by ushering in new ways across our society. While we would point out that gospel itself deals with the forgiveness of sin and our reconciliation to God, we must recognize that our new relationship with God should lead us become people whose lives are marked by truth, mercy, and justice.


  • Luke 1:50-53, 76-79
  • Watch for the Light, 120-126


  1. What are some different ways you have heard the term “gospel” used? How do you describe the gospel based on the Bible’s teachings?
  2. How does the good news of Jesus’ coming bring hope to the poor and overlooked today? Is the gospel also good news to affluent Americans?
  3. Has the gospel brought a revolution in your own life? How has the news of Christ’s Kingdom transformed your thoughts, actions, and relationships?


As you begin to pray, ask the Lord to help you see how radically different a life of following Jesus looks from a life committed to living by the world’s values and ideas. Praise the Lord for giving us a gospel that transforms each one of us now, and will ultimately transform all of creation when Christ returns to reign as King.


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