Yielding to God: December 9

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

God desired to save us from our sin, to reveal himself to us in a way we can see and understand, and to show us the way to love and obey him, so he placed an infant boy in a dirty manger in an insignificant town in a troubled corner of the world. As the popular Christmas song says, “This is such a strange way to save the world.” Still, as we discover in today’s reading, God revealed an incredible amount of truth and love for us by beginning in a manger.


  • Luke 2:7; 1 John 4:10
  • Watch for the Light, 109-117


  1. Why did Christ have to come to earth in the way that he did, “as a helpless baby in a manger” . . . whose “whole life was lived as an outcast”? (110)
  2. How does Jesus’ birth and life show us the way to take the first steps toward finding God, experiencing his peace, and knowing his love?
  3. Why is it critical that we find God’s answers for the important “why” questions for our lives before we try to answer all of the “how” questions? What is the result of focusing on the “hows” without having answers to the “whys”?
  4. What does Britts mean when he says, “Christ took the low way?” (114) What does the “low way” of humility in seeking God look like in your everyday life?


Spend your time in prayer today asking the Lord to guide you toward a “low way” of meekness and obedience so that you may know his love more deeply. Ask for wisdom to understand why Jesus came to us in the way he did and how to live in response to him.


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