To Be Virgin: December 6

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

A common theme in the Advent is that the Lord is the One who does all kinds of miraculous things, and his people receive, believe, and praise him in response to all that he does in and through them. As you are reading today, pray that the Lord would protect you from missing the point of the whole Christmas season in the midst of the never-ending list of all the things we feel that we need to be doing.


  • Luke 10:38-42; John 6:29
  • Watch for the Light, 96-101


  1. Each of us strive in different ways to “do something, produce, perform, earn your keep” when we are wanting to feel closer to God (96). What are some of the things you find yourself trying to contribute or accomplish in an effort to draw closer to him?
  2. Describe one of your closest, long term relationships, perhaps with your spouse, a child, or a lifelong friend. How do you know when that relationship is in a healthy state? Does it depend on a certain act or contribution on your part, or do you find that merely being together is enough to build trust and intimacy?
  3. According to the Scripture passages above, what is required for you to experience a deeper and fuller relationship with Christ?
  4. Continuing a familiar theme from these Advent readings, will you commit to make yourself available and still before the Lord more often this Christmas season? Are you willing to protect extra time merely to be with him and hear his voice?


Begin your time of prayer today by thanking God that your salvation and your relationship with him does not rise and fall on the basis of your own performance. Then, ask the Lord to give you a heart that is content to be in his presence and to make you more like Christ as his Word dwells richly in you.


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