A Sky Full of Children: December 4

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

Psalm 19 teaches that “the heaven declares the glory of God,” and today’s reading draws its inspiration from gazing at the night sky. Some of our readings have been dense, intricate reflections on the Advent. Today’s reading is not one of those; it has a tone that is lighter, more like a glad wondering than a deep brooding. Still, the mystery and weightiness of the Incarnation is present even in this light-hearted entry.


  • Hebrews 1:3-4
  • Watch for the Light, 78-81


  1. L’Engle says that the Incarnation is “God’s limitless love enfleshing that love into the form of a human being” (80). How does the act of Jesus stepping out of heaven and into this world help you understand the nature of God’s love?
  2. Have you considered that Jesus taking on human flesh was an act of both limitless love and immeasurable power? Have you seen other examples of supremely powerful persons demonstrating indescribable love in this world? What does considering the divine power and love involved in the Incarnation teach you about God?


Spend some time today praising God for his incomparable character of love and power. Remember the ways that He has revealed himself in these ways to you, and thank him for giving you the grace in Jesus to be a called a child of the Most High.


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