Where God Enters: December 1

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

Let’s begin with a warning: today’s reading is difficult, often confusing, and even troubling at places. If the ideas you read seem muddy or odd, do not be discouraged. Some of our readings come from Christians who are separated from us by many miles and centuries. So we want to make it a point to read with grace, even while we recognize that no devotional reading compares to Scripture. With that said, today’s reading beckons us to consider the deep, hidden works that God does in our souls, even when we don’t understand it.


  • John 1:12-13
  • Watch for the Light, pp. 54-66
    Note: Today’s author was a 13th century German. When he writes about the soul, he refers to it as “she” or “her” because the word “soul” is a feminine noun in the German language.


  1. Perhaps Eckhart’s ideas about the soul were confusing or troubling to you. If so, that’s ok. But we can all learn from his profound interest in the reality of our souls and how God works in the deepest parts of who we are. How often do you consider the state, or health, of your own soul? Would your spiritual health benefit if you were as intentional about caring for your soul as you are in caring for your body?
  2. Eckhart states that God himself is our “highest happiness and final goal” (59). In your Christian life, would you say that your greatest happiness and deepest joy has been found in God himself?


Take a moment to consider your relationship with God through your faith in Jesus. Is your soul at peace when you consider the One who loves you and came to save you? Pray that throughout this Advent season, these daily Scripture readings and reflections would help you to see the Savior as the One who gives you deep, lasting joy and satisfaction.


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