Annunciation: November 30

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

Most of the time we want to think of ourselves as knowledgeable, capable people. We take pride in our ability to understand many things. And when we run across a challenging concept, we are usually pretty good at finding a reasonable explanation. But years ago a young girl named Mary received news from an angel that simply could not be explained. Today, God speaks to us in many ways – most clearly through the Bible – and his words still go beyond simple explanations. So what will we do? Will we marvel at the deep wisdom of God and rejoice at his greatness, or we will try to reduce what He has revealed to something that we can control?


  • Luke 1:28-38
  • Watch for the Light, pp. 44-53


  1. How comfortable are you with the idea of mystery in worshiping and knowing God? When you read the Christmas story, do you find that you more naturally relate to Zechariah – whose response to a message from God was to press further, “seeking knowledge and information” – or do you identify with Mary, who “contents herself with wisdom, with pondering a state of being?” (52)
  2. Which part of the Christmas story do you find most mysterious or fascinating? Have you ever taken your sense of wonder to God in prayer to express your awe at what He did in sending his Son to earth?
  3. Consider the questions that Norris offers to close this reading:
    “Mary proceeds – as we must do in life – making her commitment without knowing much about what it will entail or where it will lead. . . . When the mystery of God’s love breaks through iinto my consciousness, do I run from it? Do I ask of it what it cannot answer? Shrugging, do I retreat into facile clichés, the popular but false wisdom of what ‘we all know?’ Or am I virgin enough to respond from my deepest, truest self, and say something new, a ‘yes’ that will change me forever?”


Turn your response to question number 2 above into a concentrated prayer today. Praise God for his wisdom and power that exceeds our understanding, and allow yourself to marvel at the wonder of the Creator coming down as an infant boy to save us.


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