Meditation: November 27

Advent Guide Cover - 2017

It’s Monday morning, and your week is starting off with a short, yet potent, message. After reading Foerster’s entry, read through the apostle John’s description of the Incarnation, the moment that the eternal Son of God took on a human body to enter into the world He created.

• John 1:14
Watch for the Light, pp. 25-26

1. Take 2 minutes to read and prayerfully meditate over the mystery of the Incarnation described in John 1:14. What about the Incarnation leaves you in awe or inspires you? What questions does it bring to your mind?
2. Do you agree with Foerster’s closing statement that, “we are constantly confusing the temporal and the earthly for the heavenly and the eternal?” What can you do today to help you keep a heavenly and eternal perspective in the midst of what might be a busy, noisy, or just mundane day?

Begin in prayer today by praising the Lord and thanking him for sending his Son from heaven to show us the truth and save us from our sin. Then share with him the thoughts and questions that came to your mind as you meditated on John 1:14 a moment ago. Ask him for faith and wisdom to understand the mystery of the Incarnation, and to love him more because of Jesus.


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